Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
When you sign-up you get full access to all of EasyWebWriter features and hosting free of charge for an initial period of 30 days. Thereafter you can still enjoy EasyWebWriter entirely FREE if you wish. You will also be offered a fee-based subscription if you want to continue to use some of the enhanced features on offer or if you want to host live pages on the EasyWebWriter servers. Charges are kept low and can be checked here>>.

What do I need to use EasyWebWriter?
No special software has to be installed for your to use EasyWebWriter as it uses ordinary web browsers. This has the big advantage that you can edit your website wherever you happen to be so long as you have web access. Compatible browsers are Internet Explorer 6 on Windows and Firefox or Mozilla on any platform. Javascript and cookies need to be enabled for EasyWebWriter to work properly but this is pretty much standard. Check your browser options if you are using a suitable browser but having trouble accessing editing features and see the FAQ'a below.

Can EasyWebWriter work with existing sites?
EasyWebWriter pages can be published to an existing site or you can have them hosted on Pages must be created with EasyWebWriter and can be edited as often as you wish.

Why is the edit menu not appearing when I log in?
The most likely reason is that you were logged in earlier. Refreshing the web page may do the trick (press the F5 key or click 'refresh')! If not close your browser, then reopen it and log in again.

Why can't I get to my site when I log in?
Perhaps you were logged in recently to another EasyWebWriter account or you have left the computer for an extended period. Whatever the reason close the browser, then repoen it and log in again.

I am getting an alert about popups when I log in. What should I do?
Popup windows are used by EasyWebWriter to provide most page editing functionality. Depending on your browser you may need to enable popups for this site. There If you are using Firefox you will probably be prompted at the top of the page and can change settings from there. If you do not see this prompt you can find out more about popups and Firefox here>> . (Scroll down to FAQ number 7: - Use browser 'back' button to return to this page.) Instructions for the latest version of Internet Explorer are here>>. Third-party popup blockers that you may have on your computer should also be set to explicity allow popups for this site.

Why is copy and paste not working?
Using Firefox copy and paste is disabled by default but can be switched on. Find out how to do this when using EasyWebWriter by consulting the User Guide. Look in the 'How To' section reached from the User Guide index.

My images look different or worse once on my website why is this?
If you choose to 'upload and size' images EasyWebWriter will processes them. If you notice a change in contrast / colour it may be that the type of image you are uploading is not the most suitable to use. Images look best if they start out saved as SRGB. If you have images using the Adobe colour space these should be changed to SRGB and re-saved in Photoshop or an equivalent editor before being uploaded. You could alternatively make sure your images are exactly the size you want them to appear before uploading them and then just select select to 'upload now' which will not apply processing.

How do I get my existing pages into EasyWebWriter?
Use copy and paste for text. Images will need to be uploaded. To make it easy to copy and paste start with two browser windows open, one looking at your existing site, and one at the EasyWebWriter page you want to paste text to. Highlight the an area of content on your existing page, choose 'copy' (ctrl + c) then swap to EasyWebWriter, position the cursor at the point you want your text to appear (just click where you want it) and then choose 'paste' (ctrl + v).

Why can't I copy and paste an image to EasyWebWriter?
Images have to be transferred to the EasyWebWriter webspace by being uploaded. They cannot be pasted from the clipboard as this only works if the destination document is on your own computer or one on a local network rather than on the internet. Just save the images to a known folder on your computer making sure they are JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) or GIF and smaller than 50Kb in size. Then use the EasyWebWriter 'insert image' button on the page editing toolbar and choose 'upload'. Once you have transferred your image it can be inserted on your webpage.

My text looks odd when pasted into EasyWebWriter?
If you copied and pasted from Microsoft Word, and indeed from existing web pages and many other sources, existing text display attributes attempt to copy along with the text itself. This can work fine but sometimes text looks odd or aligns strangely after it is pasted. To overcome this either past in text that has no formatting (such as from notepad) or while you are still editing the content in EasyWebWriter press Ctrl + 0 (the control key plus the number key 0) which will remove all formatting. Now if you want to change how your text looks you can do this using the formatting options on the EasyWebWriter editing toolbar.

Why can't I upload my images?
You are either trying to upload images larger than 50kb in size or you are not uploading JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) or GIF images. Use an image editing application to resave your images if you need to convert them before uploading. If you do not have one already a good freeware graphics viewer that can resize and convert images is Irfanview which can be downloaded here>>

I can't scroll to the bottom of my page
When you use layers in your page it can happen that they are placed below the current page length. This may only be obvious when switching to edit preview mode. To correct this condition go back to edit page content, click on the background of your page near the bottom and then add some linefeeds and spaces (space then enter a number of times) until the page has been forced to scroll down to something more than the length you need. When you save and go back to edit preview you should find that the page now scrolls down.

Why do layers move from where I put them?
If you are placing layers on a page based on a centered template then a layer can move significantly. This happens if the cursor was inside the centered area at the time you created the layer and is only visible after you have saved. Make sure that you click at the top left of such a page before you insert a new layer. Then it will stay correctly positioned. Minor movements in layers may occur between edit content mode and after saving the page. Always go by the page as it appears once saved.

Why does a visitor to my site see a message saying a page is unavailable?
You must make a page live before it can be seen by visitors. Click 'Make page live' from the edit preview menu on every page you want visitors to your site to see.

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