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IMPORTANT Easywebwriter is no longer in development. As of 2012 it is not compatible with the latest browsers. We suggest you use Firefox 3.6.26 on Windows or 3.6.24 on Mac. To keep a more recent version of Firefox installed alongside an old version you should follow instructions available for PC or Mac.

On the latest version of Firefox the 'edit' menu may vanish entirely. You may need to download the restore addon bar plugin. If the addon bar is hidden from view the edit controls will not work. With the plugin installed (or an older version of Firefox) press 'Cmd' and '/' together one or more times. This turns the 'add-on bar' (at the bottom of the Firefox window) on and off. In so doing it reveals the edit menu. Sub-menus may have also got 'detached' but items on them are still selectable. On PC equivalent 'Ctrl' + '/' keystrokes should do the trick.
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